Global Tobacco Control
ASH works to stem the growing worldwide tobacco epidemic. Without urgent action, tobacco will kill a billion this century. Learn about ASH's efforts to stem the growing worldwide tobacco epidemic.

Trade and Tobacco
ASH is fighting to regulate big tobacco through trade agreements. Big tobacco has launched a campaign against tobacco regulations using little-known trade agreements. ASH has joined the fight to put health over profits in trade agreements.

Tobacco Industry Monitoring
ASH is exposing big tobacco's lobbying efforts. Big tobacco spends big money lobbying governments against tobacco control, outside the public's view. ASH is helping to shine a bright light on their actions.


About ASH

Action on Smoking and Health was founded in 1967 and from its inception worked to prohibit cigarette commercials; ban smoking on planes, buses, and in many public places; and fight to reduce the toll of tobacco on society. There has been great progress since ASH began its mission, but much more needs to be done.

While smoking rates in the U.S. have declined and many nonsmokers can enjoy public places without being exposed to secondhand smoke, globally the tobacco epidemic is worse than ever. ASH is preparing for the next phase in the fight against the tobacco industry, which will include new programs, new strategies, and an updated website in 2012.

ASH is entirely supported by tax-deductible contributions from people like you concerned about smoking and protecting the rights of nonsmokers. Please consider making a contribution to help ASH continue its 43 year history of protecting your rights and saving lives.

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